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What To Do When Waiting For A Criminal Attorney To Show Up

If you're in a situation where you've called a criminal law attorney and are waiting for them to show up, there is still going to be a bit of time before they get there. Whether you're dealing with a cop or a prosecutor, they may decide to try to make use of the time while you're without counsel to nudge things in the direction of their investigation. It's important that you handle the situation competently, so follow these three tips.

Demand a Warrant

If you are at home or in your vehicle, the police do not have a right to search your property without a warrant. The one exception is if you invite them in any way. Cops will often ask if you mind if they come in. The universal answer is, "No."

If the police are serving a warrant, they will have to produce the written document. Demand to see the warrant as soon as you have a chance. If the cops have forced entry into your home or vehicle, do not put up a fight. Make them aware that you object and demand to see a warrant.

Be aware that not all situations require a warrant. In that scenario, simply ask what the police are accusing you of and how they justify what they're doing. Do not argue with them over the legalities of what they're claiming. Simply make them state it.

Start Recording

You or someone who's with you should pull out your phone and start recording the incident. If you have access to a live-streaming app, make use of it to ensure there's no risk of the phone being tampered with. If the police try to prevent you from recording, at least a livestream gets them on the record trying to prevent recording. Keep recording as long as you possibly can.

Do Not Converse With the Police

The police like to use casual conversation as a way to get around your right to remain silent. Do not engage in any more conversation with the cops than it takes to assert your right to remain silent and to demand the production of a warrant or an explanation for why you're being detained.

If you do slip up and talk with the cops, stop as soon as you realize it's a problem. Reassert your right to remain silent, and then wait for your criminal law attorney to arrive. If the cops ask you to talk, tell them they'll have to wait until you have your counsel present.