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DUI For 18 to 20 Year-Olds Is Possible Even If It Is A Low Concentration

Are you the parent of a child who just turned 18 years old? If so, this is likely an exciting time in your life. Perhaps you have looked forward to it for many years. Your child's future is ahead of them, and you likely want a happy outcome. Most parents would not like to envision their children getting arrested and having to spend some time in jail. 

Parents may assume that they only need to tell their children not to drink and drive because drunk driving can result in devastating situations such as fatalities due to car accidents. One would think that this would be enough to scare someone not to attempt to drink and drive. However, many teenagers do not see the additional risks they could face and some of them even consider themselves invincible and that they could never lose their lives in a car accident. The following points will help you understand a very serious issue that could happen to your child if they decide to drink and drive.

What is wrong with consuming one beverage containing alcohol?

This is a common question that some parents, as well as teens, have. The first thing to realize is that it is illegal to drink alcohol if an individual is under the age of 21. Many states have what is referred to as zero-tolerance laws. This means that individuals who are under the age of 21 and consume alcohol can be charged with an alcohol-related crime. The crime could potentially be a DUI. Even if the alcohol test detects a level of alcohol that would be considered legal for someone who is 21 years or older, a zero-tolerance statute could result in a DUI conviction if someone underage is operating a vehicle and alcohol is detected in their breath or blood tests.

Why is the first offense of DUI serious?

If your child is charged with DUI, you should not take the matter lightly. This is why it is ideal to know the law in your area and to encourage your child to abide by it. Perhaps you have a child who will be heading off to college out of town. You will not be able to monitor them at all times, and the law where the college is located may differ from your local and state laws. DUIs are serious, and they can impact your child in the years ahead. They could get denied employment in certain industries. They might also face hefty fines, jail time, community service, and losing important things such as a scholarship to attend college.

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