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3 Divorce Misconceptions You Might Already Believe

Going into your divorce with misinformation will only add confusion to an already uncertain time. While your divorce lawyer will be there to guide and advise you throughout the process, here are three common divorce misconceptions you might need to unlearn. 

You Can't Get Divorced Because Your Spouse Won't Agree

As a familiar scenario from many movie and TV plots, you might think you can't get divorced because your spouse will never sign the papers. In reality, you can still proceed with a divorce with or without your spouse's consent. You do not need to provide a reason to do so, either. All 50 states allow "no-fault" divorces, so you do not have to prove your reason for ending the marriage to the court.

A Divorce Is Too Expensive

Your divorce does not have to be incredibly expensive. Many divorces never go to trial, which is where the costs really start adding up. With the help of your divorce attorney, you can try some less-expensive avenues instead.

Mediation, for example, might be an option. During mediation, you and your spouse work with a neutral third party to settle your divorce issues, such as child custody and property division. In a successful mediation, you reach an agreement with your spouse that will become your final divorce settlement.

There's also collaborative divorce, in which you, your spouse, your respective attorneys, and other professionals work as a team to help you reach a divorce settlement. The other professionals involved will depend on your case. If you have real estate, for instance, you might need a professional appraiser to come in and value the property. You may need the services of a custody expert if you have children.

You Don't Need a Divorce Lawyer 

People sometimes believe they don't need an attorney for their divorce if no children are involved. However, a divorce will impact your life now and in the future, so it makes sense to have legal representation on your side.

Even the most peaceful divorce can suddenly turn ugly, adding to the overall cost. You and your spouse might overlook some important issues that the divorce settlement should have addressed. Many things can go wrong, and it can be stressful and expensive to try and correct mistakes made in a divorce once a court has finalized it. Work with an attorney to help ensure your divorce goes as smoothly as possible and without any costly hiccups.

If you are planning to get a divorce, contact a divorce lawyer in your area.