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Facing Criminal Charges? Know How A Lawyer Can Get Those Charges Dismissed

If you have to go to court to face criminal charges, it is best to work with a lawyer to help defend you in court so that you have the best chance of winning. However, a win does not always mean receiving a not guilty verdict. Your lawyer will actually try to get the case dismissed in court so that you never have to go through a trial. Here are some ways that your lawyer will do this.

Demonstrate The Case Cannot Be Won By The Prosecutors

When you are charged with a crime, you must be brought to trial and have the prosecutor prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt in order to be convicted. Sometimes not all charges are brought against a person by the prosecutor because they feel that they are not charges that can clearly be proven in court. Your defense lawyer will try to demonstrate to the prosecution how the prosecutor won't be able to prove the charges and get a convocation, and that attempting to do so would be a waste of time. 

Motion To Suppress Evidence

A technique that a defense lawyer will attempt is to make a motion to suppress evidence that the prosecutor was going to use in the case against you. This can easily be done if it is discovered that evidence was obtained illegally and can prove it. For example, if the police did not have a warrant to search a home, or performed an illegal search where your rights were violated, any evidence found could be suppressed. 

Challenge Identification Issues 

It is possible that you are being charged due to being falsely identified. This could be due to poor quality camera footage where you are not clearly identified, or eyewitnesses that are making up claims and not reliable. Your lawyer can attempt to challenge identification issues in the case and how you are not the person that should be charged with a crime. 

A great way to challenge identification issues is to provide motive for any eyewitnesses as to why they would lie about who they believe was responsible for the crime. They may be trying to protect somebody they know that could be tied to the crime, or looking for justice and just want somebody to be punished without being certain about who they are identifying.

These are a few ways that a lawyer will help get your criminal charges dismissed. Schedule a consultation with a criminal defense attorney to learn more about how they will best address the specific charges you are facing