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3 Common Probate Issues And How A Lawyer Will Help You Resolve Them

Losing a loved one or watching them become incapacitated and unable to make crucial decisions can be devastating. The problem can become complicated when the person has a large estate and several dependents. Typically, people write wills to detail how their property will be shared when they pass on. However, sometimes family members will express dissatisfaction with the will and even try challenging it. When these problems arise, you may need the assistance of a lawyer to sort the matter out.

Here are four of the most common probate issues that a probate lawyer can help you resolve.

When Your Family Members Cannot Agree on Probate Matters

Losing a loved one can be tough for their family. The pain of losing the person is compounded by dealing with the entire family's expectations regarding the management of the estate. If the deceased's estate has complex arrangements, and the family members cannot agree on administering it, you will need a probate lawyer. The lawyer will act on behalf of the estate. 

They will collect the assets, handle all debts and creditor claims, and then distribute the wealth to the descendants. The lawyer is impartial in making the decisions and is also the go-between who ensures that tempers do not flare between family members. 

When the Executor Refuses Their Role

When administering an estate, another common scenario involves a person, named by the deceased as the beneficiary or the executor, turns down their role. The executor moves in as soon as possible after the death, collect the probate assets, and serve notice to creditors. They also distribute the estate according to the will. 

If the named executor turns down their role, the estate will accumulate debt, and some of it will fall into the wrong hands. To prevent these eventualities, hire a probate lawyer as soon as the named person turns down their responsibility.

When the Person Had Assets in Multiple States

When the deceased's assets are in one state, they are easy to administer and do not need a third party. However, if they had investments in many places where their family does not reside, they can hire a probate attorney. They will administer the estate to ensure nothing goes wrong with it.

These are three situations that might necessitate hiring a probate lawyer. Ensure that you hire an experienced lawyer to administer your loved one's estate for quick and reasonable settlements.