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4 Reasons Social Security Disability Is Denied

For many people, learning that their Social Security disability claim was denied is a terrifying ordeal. Many people rely on these benefits when they are injured or otherwise disabled. Knowing what you should do to make sure that you are making the best claim possible is crucial to establishing a strong case.

When you know what types of claims are denied, you can improve your chances of getting approved. These are the common reasons attorneys often get involved in Social Security cases.

Lack of Medical Evidence

Medical evidence is necessary for any type of disability claim to be approved. You must provide evidence that you are not able to work. You can provide evidence in the form of medical records provided by your doctor's office. You will need to show a history of reports to establish a pattern of this condition existing.

Save all notes and documents from your doctor or the hospital. Your lawyer may ask for these documents if your Social Security disability claim is denied.

Lack of Medical Treatment

If you fail to receive medical treatment, your claim may also be denied. When you accept Social Security disability, you should consistently attend treatment and see your doctor as scheduled.

In some cases, there are good reasons not to follow through with specific treatments recommended by the doctor. A lawyer helps you make a strong case supporting your lack of treatment.

Your Medical Diagnosis Isn't Approved

Not every claim is approved, and part of the reason for your claim's denial could be the nature of the medical condition you've experienced. For instance, your diagnosis could stem from the use of illegal drugs, which means your claim could be denied. You may be required to get other treatment first.

In some cases, people are accused of abusing substances when this is not the case. An attorney can defend your claim if this is the case for you.

Previous Denials

If your Social Security disability claim was denied in the past, you may be denied again. When you file a claim, the administrators can look at previous claims you made and see why you may have been denied.

This is why appealing decisions with a lawyer is an important part of the process. An early denial could spell out bad news for your future if you are disabled again in the future. A social security disability lawyer helps you fight a case now so you are in a better position later.