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Essential Information You Need When Facing the Risk of a Tax Sale

You're supposed to pay property taxes annually to the relevant authorities by the set deadline. Failure to do that has serious consequences, including acquiring and selling your property to recover the unpaid tax arrears. When you're in such a situation, you might want to know your legal options and the steps you need to follow to prevent complications in your legal process. An experienced tax sales attorney can take you through the procedure to ensure you know what to expect. Here's some essential information your legal advisor will provide when facing the risk of a tax sale.

There Are Several Issues Involved in a Tax Sale

The government agencies in charge of tax sales use several laws when implementing property sales, complicating the process. They follow relevant state and local real estate laws and state and local tax laws. The agency must consult the relevant authorities to verify whether there are any liens or legal disputes against the property before selling it. In addition, the government agency must inform you that they plan to sell your property before starting the proceedings. Then, you have to respond to a notice provided by the agency. Your lawyer will guide you through this process, ensuring you follow all the requirements.

The sale process may become complicated if you're not responsible for tax debt. For example, you might have included the property in question in your prenuptial agreement, indicating that your partner will be paying the taxes. In this case, your legal advisor will fight for you to ensure the government only collects the amount of money you should pay.

You Can Reclaim Your Property After Clearing the Tax Debt

You can consider reclaiming back your property after clearing the tax arrears. However, you should confirm your state's time limitations within which property owners can redeem their property after a tax sale. A lawyer dealing with tax sales can help you know when you can reclaim your property, enabling you to understand what to do to raise the money you need by that time.  

However, the redemption process is not as easy as it seems. You have to follow very strict requirements to redeem your property and re-obtain the title. Your attorney will guide you to ensure that you take all the necessary steps, enabling you to get back your property.

A notice indicating that the government plans to auction your property for unpaid taxes can send shivers down your spine. You might be worried that you may lose the asset you worked hard to buy. Therefore, you may consider consulting a professional tax sales lawyer to advise you and help you recover your property.

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